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Big Jelly, a large, cyclopic, benevolent jellyfish who was said always to be watching over students from the Talent Identification Program wherever they might be The authors of these pages, including those currently or formerly associated with CTY or OTID, do not present this information in any official capacity, except where explicitly noted. Neither the authors nor any other parties guarantee the correctness or completeness of this information. The MIT CTY Alumni Association has no formal affiliation with CTY or The Johns Hopkins University and none of the information presented on these pages should be interpreted as statements from CTY or The Johns Hopkins University. Caveat surfer.

For all images on these pages in which individuals are recognisable, permission for public presentation of the images was obtained from those individuals, collectively or separately, at the time the images were recorded.

`I can't remember if I cried...'

CTY games, films, and other classics

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